All You Need to Know About Forklift Training Courses

Would you want to enrol in a forklift training course? Forklift operation is a lucrative career in the construction, industrial and transport industries. Below is a guide on forklift training courses in Australia.

Apply for a Forklift Operator Course

You must meet the set eligibility criteria. Typically, you must be 18 years or older to apply. Besides, you should have a unique student identifier and understand written and spoken English. Applicants are required to register for forklift training at a registered training organisation.

Forklift operation is considered high-risk work. As such, a successful forklift operator must have personal attributes such as excellent communication, critical and creative thinking skills. Besides, you must pay attention to detail.

Choose a Licence

Most students are often confused about the various classes of forklift licences. The LO licence enables you to operate an order picking machine. These are forklifts with a platform that can be raised or lowered. They are commonly used in warehouses to pick or arrange inventory in racks high above the ground. The LF licence permits you to operate all other kinds of forklifts such as telehandlers, side loaders, pallet jacks and counterbalance forklifts. These forklifts can be used in warehouses, construction sites or shipping bays. 

Learn What to Expect in Class

Forklift classes have theoretical and practical aspects. During theory classes, you will learn the parts of a forklift and the various safety measures to observe when using the forklift. For example, you should inspect the warehouse or site to determine conditions may cause forklift accidents. Besides, you should wear protective clothing when using the forklift.  

During practical lessons, your trainer will teach you how to conduct pre-inspection checks before using the forklift. For instance, you should inspect the engine and hydraulic system for signs of leakage. Besides, the forks, frame and chains should not have any cracks. Safety systems such as the lighting, brakes, seatbelt, impact detection and multi-parameter monitoring systems must be fully functional. Your trainer will teach you how to ignite the machine, load and unload cargo. Besides, you will also learn how to make various turns and identify your blind spots. 

Pass the Assessment

Students must pass an assessment before receiving their operator licence. If you pass the test, the RTO will provide you with a notice of assessment and statement of attainment. You will use these documents to apply for your licence. People that fail the exam can apply for a retake. 

Forklift training courses are not difficult. They take two or three days, depending on your comprehension skills. It is usual to be a bit anxious during the assessment. However, a well-prepared student will easily pass the exam.