Top Reasons to Take HR Driving Courses if You’re Interested in Becoming an Owner-Operator

You might know of other people who own their own commercial trucks and who make a good living from operating those trucks, such as by hauling loads for other people or companies. You could be interested in this type of job, and now, you might be wondering what you can do so that you can work toward this type of lifestyle and career. The first thing that you should do is take HR driving courses. Read More 

All You Need to Know About Forklift Training Courses

Would you want to enrol in a forklift training course? Forklift operation is a lucrative career in the construction, industrial and transport industries. Below is a guide on forklift training courses in Australia. Apply for a Forklift Operator Course You must meet the set eligibility criteria. Typically, you must be 18 years or older to apply. Besides, you should have a unique student identifier and understand written and spoken English. Applicants are required to register for forklift training at a registered training organisation. Read More 

Would you like to earn an MC licence?

If you are looking for a job in the haulage industry then you must make sure that you have the right licence to get the job you want. One of the most useful licences you could earn is the Multi Combination or MC licence. An MC licence will allow you to tow more than one trailer on your truck. You will be able to drive any heavy combination with each trailer possessing a mass in excess of nine tonnes. Read More 

4 steps to getting started in scaffolding

Many people are drawn to the rewarding physical nature of building sites, and they are a great place for those who are physically minded to thrive in their work environment. Scaffolding is a key part of the building process, providing a platform for the entire project to grow around, and keeping your colleagues safe. Whether you have done work experience on a construction site already or are just starting to dip your toes into the construction industry, it can seem daunting to understand how to move from simply wanting to work as a scaffolder to actually starting to put up the supports as a full time job. Read More 

Why You Have to Be Skilled in Many Areas to Be a Good Truck Driver

Some people think that driving a truck across Australia is a very simple job that anybody could do. They think it only takes a minimum amount of training and after that it's simply a case of sitting behind the wheel and watching those miles tick by. Yet this is very wide of the mark. In order to become a professional truck driver, you will need a variety of different physical and mental strengths and skills. Read More