4 Questions to Ask About Truck License Training Courses

A truck license training course can open up a world of possibilities for future employment, and can also allow you to have staff members legally drive your delivery trucks rather than having to find a suitable trucking company for your deliveries. When you are ready to take truck license training courses or send one of your workers to such a course, note a few questions to ask so you know what's involved and what to expect.

1. Ask the equipment they train with

You should be able to use the most modern trucking equipment and vehicles on the road today when you train, as these will be the trucks you use when you're ready to take a job. They should meet industry requirements and also be operator ready, meaning that all the controls and everything else you'll be learning will be exactly as those you'll use when in a real rig.

2. Ask if they upgrade current license holders

You may need a certain class of license in order to manage certain rigs or trucks, but if you already have a particular license, you may only need an upgrade. A training course should be tailored to those who have certain licenses and need to simply go up a class or two, rather than charging you and making you sit through training that you don't need and for which you're already licensed.

3. Note the states they cover

Typically you can get a license in one state and freely drive your truck in another, but if you move to another state or are employed in a state different than where you live, you need to ask if their training covers this. You may need to arrange to sit through more than one exam or have a new exam when you actually move, depending on your circumstances. If you might need a license for more than one state, always ask what states they cover so you know their training will be sufficient.

4. Ask about one-day courses

Some training courses can cover everything you need to know in one day, and this can be very convenient if you're just upgrading your license. However, note what is involved in such a course and if it's recommended for you; for those just starting out, it might be better to take longer courses so you know you learn everything necessary, rather than trying to rush through and overlooking something important.