3 Great Jobs That Trade School Students with a Forklift Training License Can Land

Job specific training is an area that is often overlooked by young people who have just finished their secondary school education. The preference to go through four-year colleges instead of trade schools can be attributed to the fact that most young people want to secure white-collar jobs. However, trade schools offer training that equips one with job-specific technical skills such as forklift training. If you are a student who has just cleared secondary school education, you might question the meaning of forklift training license in relation to the job market. For instance, does it limit you to a narrow choice of employment opportunities? This article provides you with information on three great jobs that you can get with a forklift-training license.

Heavy Construction

An area you can work in as a licensed forklift operator is in the heavy construction industry. It is important to remember that standard forklifts used in warehouse operations cannot withstand the stresses of heavy construction projects. For example, a forklift operator trained to handle storage operations cannot handle heavy duty forklifts. Therefore, acquiring training to operate heavy duty forklifts from a trade school will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work best in construction projects.

Container Handler Operators

One of the most sought after technical jobs in medium-sized ports is the container handler operator. A container handler is tasked with piling containers in different rows over short distances using a particular kind of forklift called a reach stacker. Since containers have various types of cargo with some being very fragile, only licensed container handler operators are allowed to apply for such a position. Additionally, if you become excellent at handling containers using these specialized forklifts, you can decide to work for overtime and pile as many containers as possible and, in turn, make lots of overtime money.


Landscaping companies are always in search of licensed forklift operators who can manage to move fragile and heavy landscaping materials efficiently. With forklift training, you will be able to administer forklift activities around the landscape being prepared while keeping a close eye on the aesthetically sensitive working area. Proper training will help you to avoid inflicting any damages on the scene being made. For instance, during landscaping projects, you will be required to move large boulders without dropping them on flora or underlying utility pipes. Forklift training will help you to manage such projects with confidence.