Would you like to earn an MC licence?

If you are looking for a job in the haulage industry then you must make sure that you have the right licence to get the job you want. One of the most useful licences you could earn is the Multi Combination or MC licence. An MC licence will allow you to tow more than one trailer on your truck. You will be able to drive any heavy combination with each trailer possessing a mass in excess of nine tonnes.

 If you would like to earn an MC licence here is what you need to know.

What are the prerequisites to training for an MC licence?

If you want to apply for an MC licence you must have already held either a Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) licence for at least a year.  What can also make a big difference to which of the MC courses you choose is the licence you presently hold. It can be helpful to speak to your course provider to work out which course is the best fit for your needs.

Which course would be best?

There are a variety of MC courses available and the one you choose will be determined by the licence you already hold but also by the type of MC licence that you want to earn. There are three types of MC licence depending on the type of gearbox you want to be able to use and there are different MC courses for each of them. You could opt for a Condition A (MCA) licence which would permit you to drive an MC vehicle which has an automatic gearbox. If you choose to study for a Condition B (MCB) licence you will only be permitted to drive MC vehicles which have a manual gearbox. If want to be able to drive any type of MC vehicle then you must apply for an Unconditional licence that will let you drive not only an automatic vehicle but also one with a Synchromesh or Non-synchromesh gearbox.

Choosing your course provider

Once you know what type of licence you need, it is time to sift through the available MC courses and see which would be right for you. Factors that you will want to bear in mind when picking your course will be not only the price and availability of the course but also the amount of practical training offered, the type of vehicle used for the training and the overall length of the training.