Why You Have to Be Skilled in Many Areas to Be a Good Truck Driver

Some people think that driving a truck across Australia is a very simple job that anybody could do. They think it only takes a minimum amount of training and after that it's simply a case of sitting behind the wheel and watching those miles tick by. Yet this is very wide of the mark. In order to become a professional truck driver, you will need a variety of different physical and mental strengths and skills. Read More 

3 Great Jobs That Trade School Students with a Forklift Training License Can Land

Job specific training is an area that is often overlooked by young people who have just finished their secondary school education. The preference to go through four-year colleges instead of trade schools can be attributed to the fact that most young people want to secure white-collar jobs. However, trade schools offer training that equips one with job-specific technical skills such as forklift training. If you are a student who has just cleared secondary school education, you might question the meaning of forklift training license in relation to the job market. Read More